This book will change your life. Read it – Recommend it to friends – Just make sure you keep it hidden from your competition.

In the heart of Victorian London – on a small three legged table, locked away in a circular room deep within the walls of the most elite and important private gentleman’s club of them all – sits an ancient manuscript that spells out the secret word of success.

During the summer of 1887, Barnabas Kreuz sent his young nephew an intriguing invitation – to join him in London and study to become a member of The Extremely Successful Salesman’s Club.

There was just one catch – to pass the club’s strict induction process he must spend a week learning seven strangely ambiguous rules, rules which could only be uncovered by following a series of clues etched into the very fabric of the streets, parks and buildings of the city.

If he could prove that he understood the deeper meanings behind each rule, he would receive a single letter of the alphabet – and if all seven letters are arranged in a specific order – a word with many meanings would be revealed – The Secret Word of Extreme Success.

Passed down through generations, the 7 Rules of Success have been closely guarded by a secret and ancient organisation, often described as the most elite and important in all of Victorian London. Now those rules have been brought together in one book – The Extremely Successful Salesman’s Club.

Follow Barnabas Kreuz and his nephew Simeon, a young man who quickly discovers 7 secret rules that became the foundation to unlimited success and a a considerable fortune for everyone who was invited to join the club.


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