New Goodreads Reviews for The “Da Vinci Code for Salespeople”

The Extremely Successful Salesman's Club


Unlock the 7 rules of success passed down through generations, originating from a secret and ancient organisation, The Extremely Successful Salesman’s Club.
Follow Barnabas Kreuz and his nephew Simeon, a young man who quickly discovers how 7 secret rules can become the foundation to unlimited success and a considerable fortune.
Read it, recommend it to friends – just make sure you keep it hidden from your competition.

Latest Reviews

“An enjoyable, easy to read story with deep meanings to reflect on, and practical advice to apply in sales and leadership.” (4 Stars)

“Rarely would I re-read a novel, but I will this one. A pleasant and informative read. If you can’t abide the typical fluff novel, you may enjoy this one. It teaches a little something along the way.” (4 Stars)

“I could not put this book down. Each of the seven critical rules is enveloped in stories that make this book truly enjoyable.” (5 Stars)

“I learned how to become a better person, how to communicate to other people better, and the basic principles of becoming a successful salesperson.” (4 Stars)

“On the surface this is a manual to teach you how to sell effectively and improve your life. But it is presented in a humorous and very clever fictionalised “Victorian” series of diary entries. Neither of these descriptions do it justice. Very easy to read but makes you think.” (4 Stars)

“Well written and enjoyable to read. Really good idea to write a work of fiction incorporating sales tips and techniques. Will certainly recommend it.” (5 Stars)

“The seven essential points that were laid out were well done and interesting, to say the least. I also enjoyed the manner in which this author wrote. It flowed along nicely.” (4 Stars)


The Extremely successful Salesman’s Club is available in Paperback, Kindle and AudioBook formats – from Amazon and all leading bookstores

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