Letter to an Aspiring Salesman

Written Letter

“Dear Simeon

I foresee a fabulous future stretching out in front of you. However, destiny and fate are of one’s own making, and riches and happiness are rarely found at the end of an easily-traversed path.

The choices you make from this day forward will lead you, step by step, to the future you deserve. Note well my words, for what you deserve will be down to you, and you alone.

Adopt the positive in everything you do, for there will always be positivity there to find, if that is what you seek.

Embrace the fundamental principles of sales like the closest of friends, for they will be the foundation of your future success.

Plot each and every course to ensure you give yourself the very best chance for a successful outcome, and then make sure you take the journey without fear, but with as much enthusiasm and vigour as you can muster.

Spend your time designing the greatest reputation a man could possess. Make sure everyone, who works with you or for you, feels the need to tell others about the incredible experience.

Regain the tenacity of a child. Tell your good news as an evangelist would. Do so with a passion driven by a need to help and solve problems that some people didn’t even know they had.

And finally, listen to people from your heart, as if your life depended on it, and you will find that in turn people will listen to you with all of theirs.

I wish you every success and happiness.

Best Regards

Barnabas Kreuz.”


The above is an excerpt from The Extremely Successful Salesman’s Club – the book that shows you how to unlock the 7 rules of success passed down through generations, originating from the secret and ancient organisation of the same name.

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