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The 10 Reasons that Customer Won’t See You


Selling with EASE breaks the sales process into four sections;

  • Earn the Right
  • Ask the Appropriate Questions
  • Solve the Problem
  • Execute the Solution

Recently I mentioned my article in this month’s Winning Edge Magazine, where we uncovered the 7 areas buyers say salespeople most frequently let themselves down.

The first reason was directly linked to most sales people not being able to Earn the Right to proceed – and I believe that it’s so important, I thought I’d better go into a little more detail.

Building rapport, presenting ourselves in a professional manner, how we approach the sales situation and why customers decide to go with our recommendation are vital components to starting the entire process – it won’t matter how many clever closing techniques you’ve learnt if you haven’t laid this first foundation stone.

Here’s a thought;

If you felt unwell, would you follow the medical advice from a scruffy, over familiar, inebriated man at the train station who claimed to be a doctor?

For those of you who have children – would you just go out for the evening and trust your kid’s safety to a complete stranger?

Of course you wouldn’t – you require an element of TRUST and the CONFIDENCE that comes with reputation and proof.

You’re a customer – you know how sales people and service providers make you feel when they engage with you.

Understand that these prospective customers (these fellow human beings) would really like to be able to trust you.

They would love for someone to come along and answer their questions and take away their problems – but if you walk in looking like an unmade bed, have forgotten to bring all the supporting information and tools required and then go straight for the sale – well – how would you feel?

Here are a few pointers

1. Look in the mirror, would you buy from you?

2. If someone asked you how your product or service specifically helped them, could you answer in a single sentence?

3. Plan out where you are going today, this week, this month – so that when we’re arranging a meeting you appear to be a) Already quite busy and b) Organised enough to be a competent supplier

4. Understand the purpose of each and every call – don’t waste your time or mine.

5. The journal you write your notes in, your pen, your presentation material, your lap top case – do they all shriek “I’M PROFESSIONAL”?

6. Charge everything that needs charging the night before – also have enough of whatever you normally give out to customers and prospects with you at all times

7. Pick a winning, positive, helpful and friendly attitude – that in itself will set you above 50% of most other salespeople

8. You’re a guest, act like one.

9. Listen to, and interact with, the conversation that THEY want to have with you – don’t talk about the Drill you’ve come in to sell, ask me about the Hole I’m trying to create.

10. From today, start to create a reputation that precedes you – start by delivering exceptional service (one that people talk about), and finish by requesting recommendations and testimonials.

Quick quote to finish from The Extremely Successful Salesman’s Club, which sums it up nicely;

“Let your customers and prospects recommend you to each other and let your competition wish they were you.”

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