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You’ve Only Got 253 Selling Days in 2015

Carpe diem, seize the day boys, make your lives extraordinary. John Keating (Robin Williams) – Dead Poets Society

It’s that time of year again when I share my annual free download, a PDF that lays out the ‘genuine selling days’ available to you over the next 12 months.

And once again, this PDF download will be greeted with as many people saying “that – is – brilliant”, as those stating “it’s just so obvious, who doesn’t know that!”

But that’s just the thing – so many people are completely unaware of the time they have at their disposal – or the lack of it.

There’s no pesky sign up form for the PDF – feel free to print it off, pin it up, send it out or share it at your first sales meeting of the year.

If used properly this single sheet of paper has the power to;

  • Organise and focus you and your team to achieve the important stuff first
  • Help you develop a long term business view, which has the flexibility to recognise what needs doing today
  • Remove the opportunity to complain about “time running out
  • Scare the living daylights out of your inner procrastination gremlins

To achieve this you will need your personal target (worked out as an annual figure for the whole of 2015), your holiday dates and internal meeting dates.

Here’s what to do;

Download the PDF here

If you have just clicked on the link, you will now have before you the selling days available to you over the course of the next year – 2015 – in the UK.

You may need to change it slightly for which ever part of the world you are in.

FACT – Almost all of you have a maximum of 253 days next year to sell effectively.

FACT – In the UK next year – due to holidays – the sales industry will have three months with only 20 real selling days each – and the month of May only has 19.

FACT – Quarter 3 (July, August, September) has the most selling days – 65 – but will undoubtedly become the time when your competition take their foot off the gas because “there’s never anyone in over the summer

Here’s what to do next

Work out when you will be lying on a beach or stuck in a hotel meeting room with a group of hung-over colleagues looking at a large, projected forecast graph – and then deduct those days from the appropriate months.


  • How many real days have you got to achieve your target?
  • How much does your pipeline need to achieve on a daily basis?
  • What does that mean for each of those monthly figures?
  • How many days do you need to allocate for planning, preparation or writing proposals?
  • How many days will you need to be in front of customers?
  • How much time do the accounts who deliver 80% of your volume really need?

We all play differently when we are keeping score.

Take for example a group of kids kicking a ball around a park just for fun, watch the change – in mood, reactions and body language – after someone shouts;

“OK, let’s keep score!”

It’s the same with sales – we all play differently when we’re keeping score – and everyone plays differently when they’re keeping score and there’s a clock ticking next to them.

This year, do yourself a favour – count every available day and make every day count.

Seize those days and make your lives extraordinary

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